Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's happening in women's football around the world

Just a quick note to say that FIFA's monthly women's wrap is up here, it includes the latest transfer goss from the WPS (Sky Blue FC seem to have done VERY well), Marta's stint back in her home country of Brazil which culiminated in a 9-0 win in the championship final, and more. Also tonight, Germany take on America. No 1 vs No 2. Does it get any better? Hopefully there are some highlights up soon. While you are at the FIFA site, don't forget to read Pete Smith's story on Kyah Simon.
Also check out Polly commented on my fairgame magazine post and so I thought I would call by her website to say hi and although it's a UK one, it has lots of great things for Aussie girls too. Like lots and lots of videos showing skills and how to perfect them. And if you do pop by here on Saturday, I will try and surprise with some Canberra United stories. Until then, see you later alligators.

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