Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A bit more news

Good to see some more news popping up around Australia.
In Victoria, at the Geelong Advertiser, new Victory defender Rita Mankowska has been out doing player visits. She's come back from the American College system to play for Melbourne this year. More here.
Further North at the Coffs Coast Advocate, there is even an opinion piece (well it doesn't say 'comment' but implies it) about how there girls should get a shot. Read it here.
And Fiona at fourfourtwo has been blogging again, this time on girls and their knee injuries. She speaks to Jenna Tristram about her ACL. In all the stats, she did miss one though, along with Caitlin Munoz, Amy Chapman has also just undergone her third knee reconstruction.
But mainly it's great to see local newspapers promoting the league, because let's face it the big metro ones hardly do.
Along with moi at The Canberra Times, where I am to push it all I can, there are some other great newspapers that do great women's football, check out The Daily Liberal from Dubbo and The Herald in Newcastle.

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