Monday, September 7, 2009

Up in sunny Queensland...

So the inagural season winners Brisbane Roar have released the start of its squad for season two. Returning from the starting line-up from last year's grand final? It seems most of them.

Here is the line-up from last year's grand final.

Queensland Roar line-up: 1.Casey DUMONT (gk), 2.Kate McSHEA (C), 3.Karla REUTER, 4.Clare POLKINGHORNE, 5.Brooke SPENCE, 8.Elise KELLOND-KNIGHT, 10.Lana HARCH 13.Tameka BUTT, 16.Lauren COLTHORPE, 18.Courtney BEUTEL, 19.Ellen BEAUMONT.

Here is the players who Brisbane Roar have signed so far this year.

1. Casey Dumont (gk), 2. Kate McShea, 3. Karla Reuter, 4. Clare Polkinghorne, 5. Brooke Spence, 6. Jo Burgess, 7. Pam Bignold, 8. Elise Kellond-Knight, 9. Jenna Tristram, 10. Lana Harch, 11. Aivi Luik, 12. Stephanie Latham, 13. Tameka Butt, 15. Leah Curtis, 16. Lauren Colthorpe, 17. Emily Gielnik, 18. Courtney Beutel, 19. Ellen Beaumont.

So a few different faces in there. Aivi Luik is an Aussie girl who has been playing in the American system and according to her wikistub, scored a winning penalty in a former Women's Pro Soccer Final. That's not a bad statistic at all.

Pam Bignold is the new Pam Grant, a former Matildas defender who is back from an extended break and word is, still very very good. Jo Burgess is of course, a current Matilda who last year played from Sydney FC, while Leah Curtis and Emily Gielnik are from the local Brisbane competition.

But the most interesting part of this story, up here, is this. In a blow to the current champions, midfielder Lauren Colthorpe broke her leg in training last week but Hopkins says the news is not as bad as it could be.
“It was a clean break so we’re hoping to have her back in light training soon, ready for round one”.

What the? Picture, Lauren Colthorpe in last year's grand final, will she line-up for the rematch?

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