Thursday, September 24, 2009

Matildas into camp in Canberra

So the Matildas have arrived in Canberra for their final camp before this year's W-League. Westfield Matildas coach Tom Sermanni has picked 36-player squad, including a number of under-18 players.
But interestingly, no-one from Perth in the camp. Every other state has one representative, but no West Australian's among them.
Also interestingly, Queenslanders Sasha McDonnell and Kara Mowbray have scored invites. Both good contributors for Canberra United last year, but as far as I know, haven't been signed to any W-League team for season two. Maybe could change after this weekend?
 Will have all the gossip from the camp this weekend right here, watch this space!

Westfield Matildas squad list
AIS Training Camp, AIS Football Fields
25-27 September 2009
WIRKUS Emma - Adelaide, BURGESS Joanne - Brisbane, BEAUMONT Ellen - Brisbane, HARCH Lana - Brisbane, REUTER Karla - Brisbane, SPENCE Brooke - Brisbane, TRISTRAM Jenna - Brisbane, POLKIINGHORNE Clare - Brisbane, ALLEWAY Laura - Brisbane, MCSHEA Kate - Brisbane, COLTHORP Lauren - Brisbane, MCDONNELL Sasha - Brisbane, MOWBRAY Kara - Brisbane, DUMONT Casey (U18) - Gold Coast, KELLOND-KNIGHT Elise (U18) - Gold Coast, LUIK Aivi - Gold Coast, BUTT Tameka (U18) - Gold Coast, WILLIAMS Lydia - Canberra, VAN EGMOND Emily (U18) - Canberra, BRUSH Ellie - Canberra, GILL Grace - Canberra, SYKES Ashleigh (U18) - Dubbo, SYKES Nicole (U18) - Dubbo, BARBIERI Melissa - Melbourne, NEILSON Amber - Newcastle, CRAWFORD Hayley - Newcastle, DAY Stacey - Newcastle, LOGUE Alison - Newcastle, GARRIOCK Heather - Sydney, WALSH Sarah - Sydney, SIMON Kyah (U18) - Sydney, PERRY Ellyse (U18) - Sydney, BROGAN Danielle - Sydney, ROLLASON Renee - Sydney, UZUNLAR Servet - Sydney, KHAMIS Leena - Sydney.

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