Saturday, December 12, 2009

Canberra United v Sydney FC - live!

So it's very very windy here at Shark Park, so windy that it's going to make it tough to score anything unless it's on the ground I think. But a very interesting battle here.

So the red card to Alesha Clifford in the 13minute, was it deserved? It was clearly in my line of sight and yes, it was. Nothing too bad about it, but clearly it was last defender stopping the goal. So it makes it very very interesting now, particulary if Canberra can score before half-time. Sydney FC may be down to 10-players, but they haven't looked like it yet. Very very even at the moment, with 13minutes to go until half-time.

Also, Lisa de Vanna is here walking around with a Sydney FC shirt on. Just a supporter or more? Am starting the rumour mill.

Interesting that Linda O'Neill was just subbed off, with defender Teigen Allen on. Subs before half-time are always an interesting affair, but even more so given that Sydney have gone more defensive already. Sure they are down to 10-players, but is Alen Stajcic really feeling that much pressure from Canberra that he feels he needs to go more defensive already? A small-up for Canberra in the mind-game. *Turns out, that O'Neill was sick, had the flu and Stajcic said afterwards he knew she wouldn't last the game, but going down an extra-player meant it had to happen sooner rather than later.

Great atmosphere here at Shark Park, there are about 50 of Sydney FC's cove here and chanting up a storm. The Capital Punishment supporters are also here in strong numbers.
GOAL! Sarah Walsh from a Kyah Simon cross. Sydney FC 1-0 up just before half-time. And now the Cove has really gone off, with flares. That kind of smell disgusting and there is smoke across the ground.

Half-time, SYDNEY FC 1 (Sarah Walsh 45') leading CANBERRA UNITED 0 at Shark Park.
A very even first-half where Sydney FC made the most of its chances to steal a 1-0 lead. As I said before, probably the only way goals will be scored in this game with the wind so strong like it is, on the ground or at very very close range, where Walsh was when she tapped in the cross. Sydney FC certainly don't look like they are playing with one less player though and United need to make the most of that if they can get back that goal and even try and win in the second-half. Sydney FC currently look like they will land its first W-League grand final spot at the moment though.

10minutes into the second-half, Sydney FC have dominated the opening parts of this half. Two great runs from Sarah Walsh created chances, but nothing that really pressured Lydia Williams. Although, just as I said that, Ashleigh Sykes found some space and outpaced Ledbrook, but then slowed up, was caught and didn't pull the trigger early enough. Bit better momentum for Canberra though. But Sydney FC just look too confident and organised on the ball. Walsh causing problems again, and Brush forces a throw-in on the left-side of the ground to stop the run. Heather Garriock puts in a cross from that throw-in that Simon almost, almost gets a touch too in the box. But still 1-0.

GOAL, 61st minute, Khamis gets onto a lovely ball in at the top of the box from Julie Rydahl and just gets enough on the header to loop it in over Williams. A great goal and looks like that's Sydney through to the grand final. Canberra made a sub directly after, Maciejewski on for Bisset.

70th minute, Sydney FC are still attacking well, Heather Garriock has pushed right forward and creating plenty of chances as Canberra have gone into their shells a bit. Would take a miracle for United to come back from here.

GOAL, 84th minute. And Sydney FC add another, this time it's Heather Garriock and she's deserving of it. Has been great all day. But wow, sloppy defence from Canberra there. Just gave Rydahl, then Walsh, then Garriock way too much time on the ball.

FULL-TIME, SYDNEY FC 3 (Sarah Walsh 45, Leena Khamis 61, Heather Garriock 84') bt CANBERRA UNITED 0 at Shark Park. Crowd 741.
Congratulations to the first team through to the 2009 W-League grand final, Sydney FC! Deserved to win. Back with more quotes etc later :)

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