Sunday, December 6, 2009

We're a happy team at Canberra

So headed down to Canberra United recovery today where the mood was pretty much still amazement, particulary after co-captain Ellie Brush made the 2-0 result over Perth even more exciting after an early call. Late on Saturday night, Brush heard the score from another source, except that she heard Melbourne won 2-0 and when she did, there was actually 20minutes left in the Perth game.  But Brush had already sent a message to most of the team saying thanks for the season. So most of the Canberra girls were even more surprised to hear that Perth had actually won 2-0 and handed them the fourth finals spot.
 Although coach Ray Junna, who was very very confident Perth would get the job done anyway, wasn't too worried. "I think de Vanna went on in the 64th minute and it was nil-all, when it’s nil-all and Lisa comes on anything can happen," Junna said. "She had a point to prove and she scored the vital goal, you make these guestimations but it was good it came through."
 But while they were still soaking up every bit of their lucky-break, the talk has already started that they want to make the most of their chance against Sydney. Assistant coach Caitlin Munoz, who of course is an international striker herself but hasn't played this season due to injury, thinks they thoroughly deserve it.
 "I think the girls deserve it, they’ve worked really hard on areas where we were struggling at the start of the season, but now it’s coming good when we need it to," Munoz said. "I’m just so happy for the girls, they all wanted it so much, because we came second last year they want to try and get there again or even try and finish first. so I’m just happy for them, they are a good bunch of girls.
"A lot of teams underestimated us, but the young girls have done so well. Bronny [Studman] has come in and taken that spot at centre-back, same with the Sykes, they’ve improved a lot and Kahlia Hogg has improved a lot, so everyone has done their job and that’s kind of what has got us through."
And on Sydney FC? "They are going to be tough, they do have a lot of experienced players and they have been scoring goals which always helps," Munoz said. "On our day, anybody can win, if we can just keep doing what we are doing, if we can cut out their main ball-players I think we have a chance."
 And as for the actual game against Adelaide on Saturday that Canberra won 3-0 to complete it's part of the finals bargin? United did play well against Adelaide, but in reality should have killed off the game earlier. But midfielder Emily van Egmond, who along with Ellyse Perry was brilliant in the midfield, said they were just happy it was a much better performance than against Melbourne. “It was just a relief, after we scored the second I just didn’t want to stop scoring as we just had so many chances, but to get three was still a good result,” van Egmond said. “I think at training Reg helped us in the that last third where we needed it, last week our play up to halfway was magnificent but we just couldn’t get it together up front, this week was a lot more positive, we had all four midfield players creating chances so it was great.”
And Perry on finally getting the goal she deserves after her stellar season? “It's always nice to get on the scoresheet, but what's even more fantastic is playing with such a great bunch of girls, I’ve just enjoyed it so much this season, so it’s just the icing on the cake I suppose,” Perry said.

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